The synergies the metal recycling aspect of the company offer the demolition operation results in a unique, strategic and cost-effective approach to demolition projects.

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With our expertise in recycling and demolition we can assess the value of the contents in buildings and projects – identify materials for salvage and recycling. We have the transportation, facilities for processing and access to direct markets. We work collaboratively with clients and have a great track record for completing projects on time and in budget. 


UMR Group can lower demolition and decommissioning costs as a result of being able to offer the keenest market value for redundant metals and any retired assets associated with projects. Additionally, we can acquire and mitigate environmental liabilities and other decommissioning obligations associated with facilities closures or improvements/refit. We are dynamic and experienced demolition specialists – bringing expertise and quality service to projects. Our track record shows a constant commitment to successfully completing projects on time and within budget. We provide a tailored approach to each project and apply the experience gained working in a broad portfolio of projects in various sectors incl. industrial, urban and commercial.

Previous Project -Dismantling of Rusal Jetty

Rusal Aughinish – UMR Group & Foynes Engineering

The dismantling and removal of inner berth loader (350 tonne machine on jetty terminal for the loading of ships and all its auxiliary redundant metal equipment) working on live working jetty location. Over 500 tonnes of metal were removed from the site during the decommissioning, with use of works our onsite shears to cut the metal to specified industry lengths.

Trusted Partner – working collaboratively with clients 

Offering demolition knowledge, best in class equipment, and highly skilled operators and project managers.


We specialise in managing projects which can include Demolition, Deconstruction, Strip-outs. We also provide Enabling Remediation & Investigation Works, Waste Management and  Safety Oversight.
  • Experienced in complete building removal & return to greenfield site.
  • Complete facilities decommission and strip outs
  • Multi-story and high-rise facilities
  • Recycling and resources recovery
  • Demolition in Aircraft and Ships
  • Tank/Bund Removal Specialists
  • Experienced PSCS at demolition stage
  • Experienced in demolition with building retention aspects


Through our experience and with the valued strength of associates we are experts in provided dismantling and disassembly of buildings and their components for their reuse, recycling, repurposing, reconditioning  and waste management. It’s the systematic disassembly of a building in order to recover maximum environmental and economic value of materials through reuse and recycling. It differs from demolition where a site is simply cleared and knocked

UMR group are specialists at providing full building strip outs – effectively handing back a blank canvas to a design team.


UMR group have actively worked in redevelopment projects using green building certified schemes such as LEED and BREEAM. We can develop site specific demolition waste management plans, identify and segregate material streams. We divert as much material as possible into certified recycling, reuse, repurposing. We carry out pre-demolition audits and provide fully measurable and detailed reporting of all waste leaving site. These steps assist projects to acquire valuable credits on the demolition phase of redevelopment projects.


Project: Completed strip out and decommissioning of three manufacturing modules at Boston Scientific, Galway

Developer: PM Group

Area: 30,000m2

Project Status: Complete

UMR Group Role: Strip out of production floor – removal of mezzanine floor, office/canteen, strip out of all utilities, services, boiler rooms and electrical rooms. Plinths and bunds removed and returned to sub floor level. All internal walls, ceiling, hangars, light fittings, ducting, cabling, ceiling voids, handrails and raised floor area removed. Externally carried out the removal of redundant AHU ‘s, redundant cabling and ducting from the roof and all existing storage area, gates, fencing and walk ways removed.

Project: Irish Rail, Pearse St Station, Dublin – Major roof removal

Main Contractor: John Sisk & Son

Overall Project Value: €17 million

Project Status: Complete

UMR Group Role:
The roof comprised of forty barrelled roof trusses over thirty-eight bays, with additional gable end structure at both ends. The span of the roof trusses is approximately 28m, with bays spaced at approximately 4.25m centre to centre. The trusses were longitudinally linked by timber purlins along the length of the running shed. The trusses were laterally braced with ties and struts. UMR Group provided the specialist services of our oxy-propane thermal dismantling crew to assist in the removal of these trusses. All redundant metal resulting from this aspect of project were removed, processed and recycled at our Licensed Waste Facility. The team did a fantastic job completing this projects over a number of months including weekends.

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