UMR Group offer friendly, professional and reliable recycling services. We are fully certified and compliant and competitive pricing is a guarantee. 

Our core business is the recycling of metals – as an end of waste accredited supplier we can collect and process materials in house to a level that allows us to export it as a product for new metal production.

As an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) we take care of the safe, legal and responsible disposal of End-of-Life Vehicles. Scrapping your car requires the registration cert (log book) and we’ll look after the rest. Your cert of destruction will be issued which removes the scrapped cars details from the national vehicle database.

Our facility at Limerick Port allows us to reduce handling and ship directly to steel mills across Europe – Thus UMR Group can offer the best value of return for your materials. We guarantee competitive and transparent pricing – and can offer same day payment.


We are fully compliant & certified – environmental certification returned to all clients.

Reduce your carbon footprint – by recycling your material not only will you create a new income stream for your business, but you’ll be helping reduce the need to mine virgin ore. Many metals like copper can be recycled in house with our granulation machine and are crucial to production of clean technologies such as batteries for hybrid or electric cars or parts for wind turbines. We accept all Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals. Contact us with any queries on the metals you have for disposal and the value.

UMR Group work with clients to identify opportunities to better manage waste streams, and with as little disruption to the core operation, whether a small farm or state of the art Biotech facility, we make sure we create the best result for our customer.

Contact us directly to talk about the value of your materials and to arrange collections – whether it’s from a farm, construction site, manufacturing facility or just a once off collection from a clean-up you have completed. We are always interested in collecting metals. We can even help with the clean up.


UMR Group use the latest in non-destructive material testing technology to quickly and reliably identify materials using x-ray analysis. This can be done, in most cases free of charge with no obligations. We can give you the best value for your materials with quick and easy testing. 



We are experts at handling your sensitive waste disposal needs. With UMR Group’s secured certified destruction service you are supporting the environment while eliminating risk and liability issues and never compromising confidentiality or security. This service is crucial to Healthcare providers, Pharma Manufacture and Engineering companies – they can end up in possession of defective, off spec or redundant materials that must be securely destroyed. Companies don’t have the storage or appropriate solutions for such waste – let us handle that burden.


Manage sensitive propriety and confidential waste. Safe and secure destruction with materials being fed directly into shredders to ensure they render 100% irretrievable. The processes can be audited by clients at any stage and we can provide evidence of destruction and certification of same.


To talk about your project or get a quote,
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