Material Testing


To make sure you are maximising the value of your scrap metals, you need to identify the type and grade of the different scrap metals you have. UMR Group use the latest in non-destructive material testing technology to identify materials using x-ray analysis quickly and reliably.

This can be done, in most cases free of charge with no obligations. We can then assess the current market value of the materials and ensure you are offered the best price and licensed scrap metal recycling services.

How we identify your scrap – Materials Identification Technique

At its most basic level the very first step of materials identification happens when we assess if materials are ferrous or non-ferrous.  Our years of experience mean most often we can identify materials by sight alone. Here is a very brief overview of Ferrous v Non-Ferrous Metals.

Ferrous Metals

Contain Iron, easy to identify as most have magnetic properties and they are also more susceptible to rust and corrosion from exposure to the elements.

  • Steel
  • Mild steel
  • Light iron
  • Galvanised sheeting
  • Wrought Iron
  • Carbon steel

Non-Ferrous Metals

Do not contain iron and are more durable to the elements, are harder to make and not as plentiful as ferrous metals.

  • Aluminium, cookware, drink cans, metal fencing, bicycle frames, car bodies,
  • nickel,
  • tin
  • lead,
  • zinc
  • copper – Pipes, electrical wiring, Heating Tanks, building cladding and roofing materials
  • Stainless Steel – cutlery, food preparation units, cooking appliances, kitchen sinks, tools.
  • Brass – pipe valves, pipe fittings, old bed frames, mirror frames and decorative items

Material Valuation Service – Non-Destructive Testing

Should we require further clarity to assist with properly identifying and sorting metals, often described as Positive Material Identification, UMR Group chose the NITON handheld analyser.

This expert hand-held analyser was chosen based on the speed and accuracy it offers.  The Nitron XL provides immediate non-destructive analysis of alloy materials from titanium to nickel, as well as achieving superior performance for trace elements. This material analyser uses x ray technology and UMR group are therefore required to register the device with the EPA under the Radiological Protection Act 1991. Staff have been trained to use the analyser correctly and we have specific health & safety procedures in place when utilising the device.

The device is designed for the rapid identification of a wide range of alloys in the scrap metal processing and recycling markets worldwide.

Manufacturing Facilities – Material Identification & Valuation Service

As manufacturing advances materials such as metals alloys being utilised have become more complex. Often the responsibility falls on an environmental manager or a procurement manager to find a compliant disposal avenue for these redundant metal materials. If you are unsure of the value or perhaps have no access to material makeup data sheets this can be difficult. Let us help, we can identify the materials, give you an estimated value and discuss certified recycling options open to you. We provide the full service from permitted collection, licenced processing facilities, detailed reporting to straightforward invoicing and payment – We have you covered.

At home or on the Farm

Perhaps you have completed a spring clean at home or are in the midst of cleaning up the farm and you are unsure of what scrap metal materials you have. Make sure you contact UMR Group to help you identify those materials, based on our experience or by seeing pictures, we can give advice on how best to collect materials together and offer you prices. We can provide a collection service or feel free to bring the materials into us whenever suits you best.

UMR Group can help by offering quick, free identification of the materials and giving an estimated value quickly.

Best Price Guarantee
Deal with us because we deal directly. 

Once we have identified your materials with certainty; including the grade and composition of your redundant metals, we can offer you a price for your materials. Prices fluctuate according to the worldwide markets, but what you can guarantee is that UMR Group is always highly competitive on price, compared to other recyclers as we deal directly with mills & foundries. Over the years as we have built up and sustained a reputation as a top supplier. UMR Group hold a coveted ‘end of waste accreditation’, this allows us to process and ship metals as ‘raw materials products’ directly to mills and foundries across Europe.

What are the benefits of utilising material valuation services?
  • It allows us to offer the best price to the customer for scrap metal.
  • We can advise on appropriate material segregation and storage for scrap metals.
  • Provides material identification for those who have unidentified materials.
  • Helps identify materials that are badly damaged by Rust/ Oxidisation.
  • We can provide detailed reporting of materials recycled to help businesses meet your end of waste criteria.
  • Because the device is simple to operate, possible user error has been significantly reduced if not almost eliminated, so the results obtained from analysis will be reliable and consistent.
  • It allows us to offer most transparent service and price to our customers.

Part of what makes UMR Group successful is our ability to offer competitive, trustworthy scrap metal prices and services by knowing the exact value of the metals we purchase, sell and process. Our Non-Ferrous Dept. use the company’s hand-held analyser because it can read stainless steel, aluminium and even brass.  We can classify the value based on the grade


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UMR Group operate a full-service metal recycling facility that works with individuals, construction sites, businesses, and various other industries. We have three facilities – two are open to the public at Eastway and Ballysimon Road and one Limerick Docks that allows us to ship directly.

We are always looking for new suppliers of redundant metals for more info

Please contact us for a no obligation review of your scrap metals stream. With our experience we may be able to introduce a revenue stream to your business and provide advice on how best to collected and segregate the materials to maximise their value.

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